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T Kay Houston


T. Kay Houston grew up in Southern California. She lived in Bell Gardens when she was a child where she learned how to read before she went to kindergarten. She liked to read and found herself reading everything from street signs to Dr. Suess books. As she grew older she found herself interested in various Genres. She read and loved books like Love Come Softly and Little House on the Prairie. In school she found books like Lassie Come Home and The Cross and the Switchblade. She later found fantasy books such as the Dragon Lance series that she grew to love. She later found Dean Koontz books and meandered into Stephen King’s books and gobbled up the text as quickly as she could.

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Tree House

Birth of a Serial Killer

Tree House Birth of a Serial Killer Book Cover


In Birth Of A Serial Killer, you meet Brian...Brian Crenshaw has an unquenchable urge to watch the warm red blood flow from his unsuspecting victims, funny how a young boy can start out so wrong, so cold. Growing up this way can be a killer of a time for a young man, especially with two Detectives like Tracey and her partner McCoy on his heels. Tree House takes you down a twisted road full of chills, and thrills leaving a trail of bodies along the way. Brian is smart, but is he smart enough to get away and what is the connection between him and Detective Tracey?


Raylynn, a mature woman finds she is unable to go on carrying the weight of her family secret and the tragic events of her life. Her father sexually abused her while her mother tormented her with physical and verbal abuse. She failed to protect her as a child, and this failure lead Raylynn down a life path to be victimized repeatedly by others who seen her weakness; her inability to protect herself. This weakness made her the perfect target to become the perpetual victim leaving her life full of dismal darkness. One day she began on a new path and her luck began to change. Fate brought her to meet a kind and compassionate minister who lead her to a counselor for the very first time to help her sort out the demons in the darkness of her life. This is the story of her journey through life that led her to the path of healing where she found true love in a place she would never have imagined.

Raylynn's Dark Secret

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